How To Prepare For CSEET 2022 November Session?

“CSEET is the certifying entrance test for registration to the CS Executive Programme directed by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. Here we will provide you with complete details about How to Prepare for CSEET NOV 22 & Crack CSEET on 1st Attempt

Passing Criteria for CSEET

ICSI has developed a passing criterion which is a minimum of 40% marks in each part namely Paper- 1, Paper -2, Paper -3, and Paper -4 separately as the situation may be, and 50% marks in the sum of all parts put together for passing the Test. There will be no negative marking for false answers. The minimum CS Executive Entrance Test percentage to be graded is 50%.

The new break up for computer-based CSEET in MCQ sequence of 120 minutes would be as under:

The following approach is suggested for achieving the passing criteria and clearing the exam:

Getting acquainted with the CSEET Syllabus,

Creating a Study Plan,

Gazette and CSEET Bulletins drawn by ICSI,


Attending Classes,

Giving Mock Tests repeatedly,

Self Preparation

How to Prepare for CSEET | Understanding the CSEET Syllabus

ICSI has prescribed a detailed syllabus respecting each paper and content which will be part of the exam. The following mentioned are the topics and subjects which are required to be part of the exam. Students are expected to comprehend and have an appropriate grip on the topics.

A proper SWOT analysis should be done by the students about topics. The aim should be more on the topics/ subjects which seem challenging for them.

Business Communication: Essentials of Good English Communication and Business Correspondence

Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning: Constitution of India, Indian Contract Act & Law of Torts, Elements of Company Secretaries Legislation, Elements of Company law, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Non-verbal Reasoning.

Economic & Business Environment: Basics of Demand and Supply, Forms of Market Competition, National Income, Accounting, and related topics, Indian Union Budget, Indian Financial Markets, Indian Economy, Business Environment, and Key Government Institutions.

Current Affairs, Presentation, and Communication Skills: Current Affairs of National and International, Significance, Presentation skills are written Communication Skills and Oral Communication Skills.

ICSI has as well prescribed the proportion of marks that will be allocated to each section of the subject and topics. It becomes much easy for the students to prioritize their learning and opt for topics.

How to Prepare for CSEET | Creating a Study Plan

This is another significant prerequisite wherein students are expected to frame their daily learning hours. Making an appropriate timetable has always helped crack any examination. Thus, it would as well help here.

Students can as well decide to depend on the days of the week for allocation purposes. For instance, they can study every subject on an hourly basis or each subject per day basis while the week.

How to Prepare for CSEET | Gazettes and CSEET Bulletins provided by ICSI

ICSI releases monthly Gazettes and newsletters to help students prepare for this exam. Students should faithfully refer to these study materials for meeting the requirements of this exam.

Later, this will as well help them to understand the current trends in this examination. The current topics, case laws, illustrations of Industry practices, and other important material can be found and cited in these Gazettes.

How to Prepare for CSEET | Books that can be communed

This national-level exam is considered greatly competitive. Every student must prepare to entitle to the same. ICSI has not exclusively advised any of the reference books for preparing for the examination. For earning excellent marks subject-wise, students can go for good books. Although this is not an all-inclusive list students can score good marks by referring to these study books.

For example:

For preparing the questions respecting Company Law, students can imply books from Taxmann publishers

Even they can as well find really good Multiple Choice Questions on Company Law from the same publisher

The conceptual understanding concerning Business Communication can be made from the ICSI study material only.

For understanding Business and Commercial laws, students can cite books by CS Anoop Jain 

For updating the knowledge concerning current affairs, any regular publication, newspapers, or gazettes can serve the purpose

Crack CSEET in 1st Attempt: Attending Classes

Nowadays, many websites and YouTube channels prescribe multiple modes of study and chapter-wise/topic-wise/relevant-wise notes for the reference of students. ICSI regularly plans various types of classes and sessions for a good understanding of students.

Students can opt for wisely what type of class they want to enroll in. They can decide which can serve them to understand the topics or which can help them clear their doubts.

Crack CSEET in 1st Attempt: Self Practice

It is normally said that “Practice makes a man perfect”. This signifies that with regular practice of solving questions on their own, students can reach a level of accuracy together with speed.

They must aim at self-practice even after performing mock tests/online classes. Self-practice and consistencies of the same are the essential keys to being successful in this examination.

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