How Should I Start My CA Preparation?

The ICAI examination, as well known as CA Exam, is administered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) for aspirants of the Chartered Accountancy profession in India. The exam is conducted at various levels as per the CA courses. To be certified being a Chartered Accountant, candidates must qualify in all the levels of ICAI exams.

It is not simple to prepare efficiently for the most relevant exam in a student’s life which is ICAI CA Exam. With an accurate study plan and essential elements, a student can qualify for the ICAI CA Examination. You should begin your preparation as soon as possible to complete the vast syllabus.

In Chartered Accountancy (CA) examination, the outcome of the CA Foundation, the outcome of the CPT is approximately 30%, the outcome of the CA Intermediate, the Result of IPCC is nearly 4 to 8% and the Result of the CA final is related to 3 to 8%.

This blog will give you a complete guide on How to Prepare for CA Exam.

Are you wondering How to do Preparation For CA Exam in a year? Well, there are different parameters students should look upon. Here is the brief study plan for ICAI CA Exam and preparation strategy for a complete year. Flip through them and implement them in your CA Examination preparation.

How to Prepare For CA Exam | Eventual ICAI CA Exam Preparation Tips

CA Exam Preparation Tip 1: Start Early

Prepare for the CPT examination in the best possible way because the CPT marks set targets for the IPCC. When the aspirants take the CPT exam seriously, they rank well and get keen and confident related to the IPCC exam too. This results in the successful pass results in IPCC.

As the new academic year has started, it is time for students to begin their preparation well in advance. Typically most students tend to neglect their studies.

Students think they have loads of time and start studying when the exams are close. Well, this is now the accurate way to prepare.

Students should plan their preparation carefully and adhere to the same. Everyone should make it a routine to implement the preparation and study respectively.

CA Exam Preparation Tip 2: Create a Solid Study Plan

When you are ready to start your preparation, the first thing you are required to do is make a proper study plan or timetable for a full year of preparation.

Allot time for every subject and attempt to complete it. Create your study plan so that you do not feel it is hectic.

As you require attending school, do not make your timetable with multiple schedules. Allow equal time for all the subjects. Give more time for subjects to complete at the time of weekends.

CA Exam Preparation Tip 3: Choose the Right Institutes for CA Coaching

Choosing the right CA coaching institute like Wisdom Academy in Mumbai is indispensable for getting overall success in the CA examination.  The two foundations on which the passing CA examination is based include:

(I) The Proper Guidance

(ii) Hard Work

Working harder and making the best efforts lies in the hands of students. But the problem arises when it comes to opting for a CA coaching institute. Many of these institutes boast of good results and so it becomes difficult for students to recognize the right institute.

CA Exam Preparation Tip 4: Break into Accomplishable Target

As the CA Exam portion is broad, one cannot complete it in one go. Let equal time and complete the parts. Create a target for yourself either daily or weekly and accomplish it. Apart from your school parts, you can study a little extra in case you have more time.

CA Exam Preparation Tip 5: Provide time for Breaks

Studying is your focus but taking frequent breaks during the study period is important.

Take a 5-10 minute break every hour further the completion of studying. It is as well important to eat well and sleep well.

In the absence of proper food and enough sleep, you cannot accomplish your goals.

CA Exam Preparation Tip 6: Be Particular

In your study plan, ensure that you are particular. If in case you have to start your preparation for trigonometry, make sure that you have mentioned the particular topic in trigonometry to complete.

Do not make your study plan for the CA Exam complex way. Make it simple and make sure you can complete it according to the set target.

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