How many hours should I study for CSEET?

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) administers the Company Secretary Executive Entrance Test (CSEET) as an entry-level test for direct admission to the CS executive programme. After passing a recognized board’s 12th-grade examinations, candidates are entitled to enroll in CSEET.

The Company Secretary (CS) certification verifies that a person is qualified to manage legal matters in a company. A CS is in charge of maintaining and auditing the company’s tax returns, preserving records, informing the board of directors on the company’s financial health, and ensuring compliance with legal and statutory rules.

Except for a few exempted categories, the CS Executive Entrance Test (CSEET) will be established as a mandatory qualifying test for all categories of students seeking admission to the Executive Program. Graduates and postgraduates who were previously eligible to apply for Executive Program registration without first passing the CSEET will now be required to pass the CSEET in order to be considered for Executive Program registration.

Number of Hours to Study for CSEET

Ideally, you should study for two-three hours for each Paper on a daily basis and study all four Papers on alternate days. 

To pass the test, ICSI has set a minimum pass requirement of 40% in each portion, i.e. Paper-1, Paper-2, Paper-3, and Paper-4 independently depending on the case, and 50% in the aggregate of all sections combined. A negative rating will not be given for incorrect replies. The CS Executive Entrance Test requires a minimum score of 50% to be considered.

This is one of the most crucial exams to pass in order to enroll in this prestigious Indian institution’s programme. As a result, sufficient planning, training, and preparation are required Students should arrange their studies so that their objectives are attainable and that they will not be able to pass them on the first try.

With the introduction of the CSEET, it is critical to understand how to prepare for it in order to achieve good results. The following points emphasize the importance of CSEET preparation:

Understanding of the CSEET Syllabus

For any entrance test, you should be completely familiar with the syllabus, which includes the entrance test’s Papers, as well as the topics and sub-topics addressed in the numerous Papers; otherwise, the preparation may be inadequate. As a result, it is recommended that candidates read the syllabus in-depth to understand the coverage of the themes under the various Papers.

(i) Paper 1: Business Communication (50 marks)

(ii) Paper 2: Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning (50 marks)

(iii) Paper 3: Economic and Business Environment (50 marks)

(iv) Paper 4: Current Affairs, Presentation and Communication Skills (Viva Voce) (50 marks)

Candidates must comprehend the CSEET test pattern in addition to the syllabus in order to become properly acquainted with the exam’s fascinating aspects such as total duration, number of questions, nature of questions, and so on.

Make a Study Plan

This should be obvious! It is critical for any student to have an excellent study plan in order to ace any test. Study plans that are effective help you organize the time you have to prepare for the exam.

Preparations with Mock Tests

Mock tests for the CSEET are an excellent way to put your preparations to the test. Candidates taking the entrance exam can use the CSEET practice exams to acquire a better sense of what to expect on the big day. Students can become more familiar with the CSEET exam pattern this way. 

Take Help of CSEET Bulletin

On its official website, the Institute of Company Secretaries of India has made the CSEET reference reading material available. ICSI also publishes a monthly CSEET newsletter in addition to study materials. The monthly newsletter offers information on the most recent changes and concepts on several exams, as well as other CSEET exam-related information.

Join CSEET Classes

Candidates can also enroll in CSEET coaching offered by various institutes to help with their preparation. Proper instruction and knowledge sharing can help students get good grades and ranks with the help of some guidance, as students receive proper personalized support from faculty and accurate knowledge sharing, which is tough to come by.

Prepare for Viva Voce

It should be noted that, in addition to current events, Paper 4 has a section on Viva Voce. The Viva Voce is now comparable to the vivas or practical tests that we had before our Class Xth / Class XIIth Board Exams. The main goal of Viva Voce is to assess a candidate\u2019s communication skills because as a Company Secretary, you will need to communicate with company stakeholders, government / regulatory bodies, stock exchanges, and others. It may be tough to properly communicate your ideas if you lack excellent communication skills.

Thorough Reading of Recommended Material

It is recommended that a candidate read all of the topics and sub-topics included in the CSEET Papers for thorough preparation. A selective study is not recommended. Furthermore, only by thoroughly reviewing diverse subjects can you have a deeper grasp and adequately prepare for the CSEET.

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