CSEET Foundation Syllabus 2022: Check Subject-Wise Topics

CSEET Foundation Syllabus 2022: Check Subject-Wise Topics

(CS Executive entrance test) CSEET is the qualifying entrance test for registration to the CS Executive Programme administered by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. This test is administered 4 times a year, mostly in January, May, July & November. It’s a country-level examination. The language of the exam is English and the aim of conducting this exam is to train and accredit the candidates who aspire to become Company Secretaries.

CSEET 2022 Exam Pattern

Name of the SubjectTotal Number of QuestionsNumber of 1 Mark QuestionsNumber of 2 Marks QuestionsTotal Marks
Business Communication35201550
Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning35201550
Economic and Business Environment35201550
Current Affairs1510520
TOTAL120  170

There are four subjects for the CSEET 2022 test in total:

Subject 1: Business Communication (50 marks)

Subject 2: Legal Aptitude and Logical reasoning (50 marks)

Subject 3: Economic and Business Environment (50 marks)

Subject 4: Current Affairs, Presentation and Communication Skills (Viva Voce) (50 marks)

Each subject in the CSEET Syllabus is divided into portions based on the units covered in each examination section. Candidates should completely review the modules and examine the syllabus before proceeding.

However, the first three subjects in the CSEET Syllabus and CSEET Exam Pattern will have 35 questions each, and the fourth subject on current affairs will have 15 questions, as per the syllabus and exam pattern.

Candidates must earn at least 50 percent in aggregate and 40 percent in each subject out of a possible total of 200 points to be considered passed.

CS Executive Entrance Test (CSEET) 2022 syllabus

ICSI Foundation Syllabus is well provided here for the convenience of the candidates who are going to participate in a Computer-based examination administered by The Council of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India.

Subject 1 (Business Communication)

Subject 1 of the CSEET Syllabus 2022 is separated into 4 units. Unit 1, namely Essentials of Good English of the Subject is drafted to test the knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary of the candidate and the rest three units will test his/her understanding of multiple aspects of communication in business.

Its primary objective is to test the knowledge of the candidates relating the basics of English Grammar and critical aspects of Business Communication.

Subject 2 (Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning)

The subject of the CSEET Syllabus is purposed to check the key understanding of Laws, Legal Aptitude, and Logical Reasoning abilities of the aspirants. The subject is portioned into two sections: the first section consists of five units that appraise the candidates’ knowledge of the Indian Constitution, company laws, and legislation; and the second section consists of five units that appraise the candidates’ knowledge of the Indian Constitution, company laws, and legislation.

Objective: The second section of the paper (which will be comprised of 3 parts) will evaluate your primitive understanding verbally, nonverbally, and logically through reasoning.

Subject 3 (Economic and Business Environment)

This subject within the CSEET Syllabus 2022 is formatted to test the experience of micro & macro-economic concepts regarding the Indian economic system (Part A). The second part of the subject will test the knowledge of diverse crucial components of a business environment.

Objective: With a definitive focus on the Indian economic system, it is important to analyze the understanding of micro and Macro Economics concepts and to analyze the mastery of various crucial components of the business environment.

Subject 4 Current Affairs, Presentation and Communication Skills (Viva Voce)

The purpose of the first portion of this examination is to figure out whether or not the candidates are aware of or have accurate knowledge of current affairs of national and universal importance. The participants’ listening and writing skills will be evaluated during the viva-voce portion of the examination.

Objective: To estimate the participants’ knowledge of current occurrences of national and international purpose by asking them questions regarding it. It must have been necessary to appraise the candidates’ listening and writing skills.

CSEET Exam Important Points

You can refer to the below points to understand the Exam Pattern of CS Foundation 2022 for Computer-based tests:

A computer-based test will be conducted

The examination will be conducted online mode.

The total number of marks for this exam will be 170 marks.

The time duration of the test will be 120 minutes.

There are a total of 4 subjects which have to be well-considered for the test.

Multiple choice questions (MCQs) / Purpose-type questions to be asked.

Check out the below figure for the distribution of marks concerning the CSEET subjects:

CSEET 2022 Exam Pattern for Viva Voice

The Company Secretary exam is situated on communication and presentation skills and the marks will be allotted to the candidate based on this.

The total amount of marks for CSEET Viva Voice will be 30 marks.

The duration of the examination is 15 minutes.

This exam will be organized via Artificial Intelligence (AI) or through pre-recorded videos at the consigned centers, simultaneously/immediately after the CSEET CBT.

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