Is it difficult to pass CA Intermediate exam?

Is it difficult to pass CA Intermediate exam?

CA Inter is one of the difficult exams and it takes enough hard work to crack it. The number of students who appear for the exam every year compared to the number who clear the exam yearly has always been disproportionate.

Chartered Accountancy course in India is split into three primary levels namely CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, and CA Finals.

CA Foundation or the First level consists of four papers. Students enroll for CA Foundation after completing their 12th grade. This level has a syllabus very nearly similar to the 12th grade, but surely, it's a professional exam so it has to be attempted in that manner.

Then, further clearing the CA Foundation students to enter the Intermediate level and Intermediate consists of eight papers divided into two groups of four subjects each. The pressure is very high at this level.

Then there is the prodigious CA Final level. This level as well comprises 8 papers divided into two groups of 4 subjects each. But the depth in which the subjects are to be studied increases multifold.

What Creates CA Intermediate So Difficult?

Time Given

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Many students start studying for or taking coaching classes after clearing the CA Foundation exams and the first attempt due is within 9 months.

In these 9 months, the student requires to grasp concepts of 8 subjects which are individually so vast and require loads of retaining power.

Only a good study plan with proper strategy can assist to cover the entire syllabus on time and preparing to face the exams.

One group/both groups

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Since the syllabus is too much to cover and there is constant peer and senior pressure to deal with, it becomes one of the most apprehensive decisions.

Howbeit, it should depend upon the student in case he wants to opt for one group or both the groups and whatever decision he takes should be followed regardless of what.

One should interpret his strengths and weaknesses and decide the same. No one turns into less or more superior by opting for one or both groups. Both require a hell of loads of hard work.

Students don't know in case they belong here

Presently, this is the most general problem one faces. Students often enter the CA Course having great fantasies about the course. They feel it's much more rewarding.

They never knew in case they ever wanted to do this. Most of the students don't even know what a CA does until they reach the level of CA Inter. They realize that now they are not enjoying it fully.

Clearing CA Foundation provides a confidence boost and they think that now that they have done this, they can easily crack the rest of the levels as well.

The Casual Approach

Many students undervalue the curriculum just because they cleared Foundation in their first attempt. 

CA Inter includes 8 subjects out of which 6 are new and are individual fields themselves. This level offers students all these disciplines. It's essential even to set up a base where the student understands every concept well.

Difficult than even CA Finals

If we talk related to the depth in which the subjects are to be studied then CA Finals will top the difficulty list.

But what we can't avoid is that a CA Final student has a 3-year articleship experience in hand. He has already passed two levels and he has done things by himself practically.

As well, this is the second time that he will be learning and studying these subjects. He already knows the hard work he requires to put in.

CA Intermediate Exam

The CA Intermediate exam is conducted for aspiring Chartered Accountants who have cleared the CA Foundation/Common Proficiency Test (CPT). The Intermediate examinations such as the CA Foundation are held twice every year.

The CA Intermediate is the focus of the long climb on the route to becoming a qualified and certified Chartered Accountant, as it examines your ultimate aptitude and abilities in the topic. A

A combination of solid preparation, aptitude and hard effort can aid you to win this on the first try.

These are some tips to assist you to clear CA Intermediate on your first try:

Review of the previous study 

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Ahead of you begin studying, figure out or review the previous study, and before you go to bed at the time of night, plan out your following day’s chores. As an outcome, make sure that your study path is correct. In case you do not do this, you will become mixed up and will gradually forget the prior chapters while studying. In a conclusion, it is important to review past studies on long-term memory.

Practice –

Regular practice will pay dividends on the CA Intermediate test. While studying, keep a real note of the time. You might become stuck at times but do not become frustrated. Just consistent practice with timed execution can aid you to overcome the obstacles.

Remove all distractions 

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Any professional certification such as CA comprises devotion and the optimum use of one’s time and efforts and is essential to leave out all distractions during the time of studying and practicing for the Chartered accountant exam. This does not imply that there should be no relaxation or snap at all – but indulgences like social media and television may cause you to spend time without getting anything out of it and must be avoided.

Mock Test Papers 

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Practice understanding questions when both answers appear to be proper. This should be done by regularly solving mock tests. CA Intermediate Mock Test papers are very helpful. They teach time management and also question analysis. It is suggested to solve the papers at the end of each chapter, and then solve the complete set of Mock Test Papers after finishing the course.

Choose the Finest CA inter coaching classes in Mumbai –WISDOM ACADEMY

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Opting for the best CA inter institute in Mumbai is critical for overall success in the CA test. The two pillars on which passing the CA test depends are as follows:

Accurate Guidance

Intensive Work

Students are responsible for working hard and putting out their proper and full efforts.

Though a premier institute such as Wisdom Academy helps you explore your capabilities in all dimensions. This will assist you to gain confidence and still be on the right path to propel higher in your career.

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