How long is the ICWA course and how difficult is it?

How long is the ICWA course and how difficult is it?

ICWA is the gateway to a cost management accountant career. If you desire to become a Cost Accountant Management, then ICWA is the Course you require to pursue. ICWA is the degree that broadens your knowledge on how to regulate finance management expertly.

An ICWA Course graduate holds exhaustive knowledge of the regulation of business within the available resources. It becomes the responsibility of a Cost Accountant to collect and resolve all financial information from all the sectors of the Industry via strategic thinking and work experience. 

ICWA Course Details

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ICWAI (Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India), presently known as The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI), is a gold touchstone instructional institution. It provides education, enhances skills, and helps the development of Cost Accountancy in India.

ICWA is a highly valuable course that enables aspirants to pursue a career in Cost and Management Accountant. Graduates are given comprehensive practical training to enhance graduate's personality development and soft abilities.

Length of ICWA Course

ICWA course is a minimum three-year course provided by the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India that consists of three stages namely foundation, intermediate, and final. The course is pursued by students who intend to become Cost Management Accountants.

ICWAI Course Duration 

The complete course consists of three stages foundation, intermediate and final.

Foundation: Minimum period of the course is eight months.  

Intermediate: Minimum period of the course is Ten months.

Final: Minimum period of the course is Eighteen months.  

Categories of ICWA

The course is fitted for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Candidates who have completed their high school studies from an Indian recognized board are eligible to register for the foundation course. Candidates who have completed their undergraduate studies seek the intermediate level. Candidates follow the final level of the course to advance their advanced abilities in cost management accounting.

The ICWA foundation level is the course’s first and most vital step. Students are liable to the fundamentals of cost management strategies and whereabouts in the financial industry during this foundation stage. The course is expected to take a minimum of eight months to complete.

The intermediate level of the ICWA course is the second stage. Students must clear the intermediate course after finishing the foundation level. Students in intermediate courses study thorough financial accounting and are interposed to a variety of financial topics such as direct and indirect taxation, cost accounting, and much more. The course is thought to be a little tougher than the previous one.

The ICWA final level is the course’s last stage. The third level, which is considered the most rigid of all three courses, provides insight into the administration of many financial issues like strategic financial management and particular regulations connected to different taxation.

ICWA Course Fee Structure

The estimated Fee Structure for the ICWA course is different for three stages of the Course.

Foundation Stage: The ICWA Course Exam Fees for the Foundation Stage is Rs.4, 000/-

 Intermediate Stage: The ICWA Course Exam Fees for the Intermediate Stage is Rs.20, 000/-

 Final Stage: The ICWA Course Exam Fees for the Final Stage is Rs.17, 000/-

Scope of ICWA

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The scope for a cost management accountant is broad. There is a certain requirement of the post in every organization regardless of what their work is. There is a great advantage of the subjects taught and thus assists you in excelling in your career as a financial management accountant.

The job scope and pay scale for cost management accountants are growing with higher employment options. An individual can as well as excel in choosing financial features or administration, as this domain includes both the niches.

Students with better command over the subject and proper knowledge of the finance and management industry are preferred more during the employment drive. In the present outline, internships are considered an essential factor in the career-building process. As well, employers seek students who possess industry experience exposure together with good academic performance.

Is ICWA a difficult course?

In case you want to be a cost accountant and if you study with wholeheartedness and determination then surely you will not find it difficult. ICWAI is a professional course in one can choose after class 12th. But in case a person is a graduate then he can directly register in the Intermediate of the course.


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Final Thoughts

Wisdom Academy uses its expertise in bridging the gap between students' ambitions and success to give the best ICWA coaching in Mumbai. For ICWA students, a highly qualified faculty team and specialists provide informative and inspiring teaching sessions.


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